H is 7 weeks!


Harrison Edwin 03.04.2014

I cannot believe our sweet little man is 7 weeks old today! Every week I am blown away at how much he changes, and how much more of a personality he has.

Harrison is definitely our child – he loves listening to music!
If he ever gets fussy, all I have to do is turn on the radio, Pandora, Spotify or put on a record and he is instantly happier. Some of his favorites right now: anything by Bruno Mars, lots of 80s music, and “let it go” by Idina Menzel. There is also a station on Spotify “Lullaby Music That Helps the Baby Slep” by Junichi P. Semitsu that is incredibly soothing and puts Harrison out the few times we’ve listened to it so far – awesome sauce.

Harrison has become such a big smiler this week! He is definitely more smiley in the mornings when he wakes up from his first nap, and he must have really wonderful dreams as he “coo”s and smiles a lot in his sleep. It makes it really hard to get anything done because all I want to do is watch him smile and move and take in the world!


This past week was full of excitement: we took our first road trip with H to visit Zach’s family in the Portland area. I was kind of nervous to take the 7 hour drive with him – would he be comfortable enough in his car seat for that long? What if the noises get too loud for him? Will he get fussy? How often should we stop to feed him? What do we need to bring for him? And 500 more questions raced through my mind as we were preparing and packing for our trip. I researched until 2am and finally decided I was way over thinking it. We brought more than we needed in the end, and Harrison was awesome in his car seat for the entire drive there and the extra long 9 hour drive back (Dear snow and freezing roads, you suck.), and we just stopped every three-ish hours to walk Harrison around the car, change his diaper and nurse him. Traveling with an infant was much easier this time around than I expected, and hopefully he’ll be as easy in a few weeks when we go to visit family in Washington!

The trip was so much fun! Harrison got to meet his paternal Great Grandparents, two of his aunts and two uncles and four of his cousins. He loved meeting everyone and getting in some cuddles! We walked around downtown Portland, went to Tiffany & Co to get my charms soldered onto the bracelet we started when we found out we were pregnant with Harrison, ate a ton of great food, went to Ikea and Zach got to go to the Trailblazers basketball game with the boys while H came with Auntie C and I to get pedicures.

I also got cleared to start exercising this week, and with the weather starting to get slightly less freezing cold, I’m hoping to get out for more daily walks along the Greenbelt and to start taking him on hikes on some of the great trails in the city and up Camels Back and Table Rock. My main goal is to get out of the house at least once a day with Harrison, whether it’s to the store, out to lunch, on a walk, or whatever. Sitting at home and playing is wonderful, but there’s nothing quite like fresh air!


Some pictures from this past week:


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