Maternity Photoshoot w. Victoria Greener

In honor of “Throwback Thursday” today, I thought I’d play catchup! You’d think that after 6 weeks, I’d have this whole “mom” thing down, but nope – not yet! I’m still working on managing my time and it’s so hard to be away from Harrison!

Just over two months ago, on a freezing cold Fall evening, Zach and I had our maternity photos taken by the lovely and talented Victoria Greener of Victoria Greener Photography. If you are in the Idaho area (or anywhere really, because she travels!), you seriously need to look her up and give her a call.
I knew Victoria from when I used to live in Boise and when we decided to do maternity photos, I knew exactly who I wanted to capture this time in our life. Before we had decided to move back to Idaho for Zach’s new job, we were literally going to drive 15 hours round trip just to shoot with her – I kid you not. That is how badly I wanted Victoria to take our pictures.

I love Victoria’s shooting style, and that nothing felt “forced” or “posed”, she let Zach and I just goof off and giggle our way through the photo shoot, and the pictures turned out even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Her suggestion of shooting during the “Golden Hour” was amazing, and as you will see in the pictures, was the perfect choice. Another bonus? We got our pictures back so incredibly fast! We brought with us two quilts: the gray and blue quilt was made by my extended family as a surprise gift when Zach and I got married, and the multicolored modern looking quilt was made by my mother right after we told my parents that we were pregnant. They are incredibly important to me, and as I am a huge sentimental baby, I knew I wanted to include them in our shoot.

Thank you again so much, Victoria for all of your hard work – we love, love, love the pictures!
(( Links to check out Victoria’s work: Her Facebook // Her Website // Her Instagram ))

Sorry in advance for the ridiculous amount of pictures I’m about to share (but not really – if you saw all of them, you’d understand it’s impossible to choose favorites!).


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