HDBD: 38 Week Update

IMG_3736 IMG_3732

Pregnancy: 38 weeks

Measuring: 38.5 weeks. Made me a little nervous at first that I went down two weeks, but my Midwife explained that the baby has dropped even lower, so not to be concerned as it’s pretty common for that to happen towards the end.

Weight Gain: 20.5 pounds – yep, that’s right, I lost another pound and a half since Friday (so almost 4 pounds in a week and a half), and once again my Midwife is not too happy. She had me go right to Labor & Delivery to get IV treatments.

Sleep: Tired all day, and awake all night has been the pattern around here lately! It doesn’t help that my stomach acid tends to get really bad at night and I have to run to the bathroom to get sick or to pee every 30-45 minutes – lovely.

Sex: It’s (still) a Boy!

Name: Still a secret (ssh… )

Feeling: I’m ready to be done being pregnant and to have him here! Hoping the extra emotions and other upped symptoms I’ve been dealing with are from an influx of hormones that happen right before the baby is born. Zach is also in full-on daddy nesting mode, and it’s adorable. We got a Moby Wrap yesterday, and the minute we got home, he had the wrap on and was practicing with our two cats as baby stand-ins. It’s times like these that I fall in love with him all over again (check out these pictures, and I dare you to tell me that he doesn’t look extra handsome “cat” wearing…).

IMG_3701 IMG_3697

Health: Heartbeat is going strong at 140 and he is a mover and a shaker again! As far as momma’s health – still dealing with Hyperemesis Gravidarum in all its glory and the resulting dehydration. After my IV session today at the hospital, the nurses were all saying goodbye and that the next time they see me they hope it’s because I’m having a baby – it was very sweet!


Movement: Lots of rolling and stretching! When I’m having contractions though, I get lots of little kicks and pushes – I don’t think he likes them very much.

Belly: He has definitely dropped! I feel like I have taken on the full-on penguin waddle because of how big and low my belly is.

Next Appointment: Tuesday January 14th for my 39 week appointment!

As a side note:
// This afternoon I had a wonderful surprise! I showed up at my dad’s office for a lunch date, and it turns out his whole office put together a baby shower for baby and I! They had decorations up in the conference room and served a great buffet lunch set up. I love when people get together for showers because I got to hear both the men and women tell stories about their pregnancy, deliveries and children – one of my dad’s coworkers was actually told he and his wife were having a boy, but in the delivery room they got a huge surprise – a baby girl!
I was overwhelmed with the amount of gifts I received as well. We got lots of baby bath items, more adorable outfits, a handmade quilt, some books and stuffed animals, gift cards and diaper pails! I’m pretty sure at this point there’s not really anything else we’ll need for a while – yaay!


Until Next Wednesday…


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