Bump Update – Week 37


Dress Old Navy / Sweater Nordstrom Rack (similar) / Belt Nordstrom / Scarf (Vintage)

Pregnancy: 37 weeks (Holy cow, I can’t believe I’m only three short weeks away from having a son!)

Measuring: 40.5 Weeks (WHAT?! Kind of freaking out about that!)

Weight gain: 22 pounds. I lost two pounds this last week due to my Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), so my doctor isn’t too happy with the weight loss, but since baby’s heartbeat is still sounding great, she’s not very concerned. She did bring up the topic of induction, which I would rather not have to do, so for now I have placed that option on the back burner.

Sleep: What’s that? Because baby boy has been head down and in the same position since about 30 weeks, I have several pinched nerves in my left leg. I’ve also been having contractions and back labor pains for about a week! With all that combined, plus the peeing every hour or two, I’m lucky if I sleep more than 4 hours total a night – but I know with a little one coming soon, that’ll be the norm, so I’m just getting used to it 🙂 The past week I have also been super exhausted and napping – WHAT?! I am so not a napper, but after going to the doctor and finding out how big baby is measuring and how much he grew this last week, she said that extra tiredness is a really normal side effect.

Sex: It’s (still) a BOY!

Name: We have officially picked out a name, but are choosing not to share it until the baby is born. I will say his name honors both our fathers as well as a really important family friend, and we love it!

Health: Still having to go in for weekly / biweekly IV treatments because of my extreme dehydration due to HG – the good thing about that though is that the nurses in L&D know me, and I know the layout of the floor really well now! Plus, they have TVs and Wifi in the rooms, so we have a few things to keep us occupied. My poor husband had to spend over 6 hours of his day off (New Years Day) with me in Labor & Delivery to get an IV, have a NST done, and to have a few labs drawn to test for pre-eclampsia and liver issues. The Hyperemesis Gravidarum is still kicking my butt, but thank goodness for my husband and parents. While I’m hunched over the toilet / curb / flowerbed / etc, Zach is there rubbing my back and holding my hair back – yes, ladies, he’s taken (#sorryI’mnotsorry) I did pass my Strep B test though, and my blood pressure is still in the normal range, so I’m counting those as victories!


Movement: They’ve slowed down a little in the last week, which I was initially concerned about. However, my midwife is not worried and said that because I’m measuring so big (40.5 weeks, so about 3.5 weeks ahead!), our little dude is just running out of room to move around, so the decrease in movement is normal.

Belly: Do I still have toes? This thing is huge! I swear it grows by the day (which funnily enough, I actually measured my belly on a Monday and then on Thursday, and it was definitely bigger!

Next Appointment: January 7th for my 38 week appointment!


Plaid Button Up Palmer Cash / Tank Nordstrom / Maxi Skirt H&M (similar) / Necklace Love Kate

Other happenings this past week:

// I found out I’m 1.5cm dilated, 80% effaced and at a stage 0! The Midwife said to expect him any time in the next 3 weeks – it could be tomorrow or I could go to 40+ weeks.

// I have given up on pants! TMI? Sorry… But really, I am at that point where I feel so huge and uncomfortable in anything but loose dresses that trying to wear jeans for several hours at a time just does not work for me.

// Our house that we put on the market is officially under contract! We received news from our realtor in Spokane on New Years Eve around 8pm, so it was the perfect way to end the year! Not having to pay for a mortgage and expenses on a house we are no longer living in will ease our financial burden so much – not to mention we can pay off a few things and put a little extra away into our savings for baby.


(Right after getting the news our home was under contract – can you tell we were excited?)

// I’ve decided to make this coming week my last week of work, at 38 weeks. I thought I could be a pregnant Superwoman, but working 8 hours on my feet at a time is getting way too taxing on my body. To all of you out there who work until the day before or day of your delivery – I salute you! You are my hero!

// I received my breast pump in the mail! I know, not something to really get excited over – but it’s just another thing that makes this seem even more real and reminds me that the birth of our son is imminent!


// We almost finished the nursery! We still have a long shelf to hang to display Zach’s dad’s trains and cars on, and Zach’s sister just sent us the versatile Ubbi diaper pail we have been lusting after, but other than that we have all of our essentials! I want to do a feature on our little dude’s nursery this next week when it’s all finished, so expect a lot of pictures!


3 thoughts on “Bump Update – Week 37

    • Thank you so much Sarah! Congratulations on your pregnancy – I hear little boys love their mommas more than anything, so we are pretty lucky 🙂 I hope your pregnancy has been pretty easy for you so far!


      • Thank you! We sure are lucky!

        All things considered, my pregnancy has been easy. Sometimes hard because I had two miscarriages before this one, so hard not to worry. But baby is kicking away in there and I feel very blessed. Even though I’m so nauseous!


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