Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post. These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of packing, moving, unpacking, finding a temporary job, doctors visits, a birthday and more – all while 7 and 8 months pregnant.

Here’s a quick recap on some of the wonderful things that have happened in the last month:

1 . My husband and I are finally no longer in a long distance relationship! After 6 long weeks (was that all? It felt like much longer!), we finally moved me down to Idaho and while we are still in the process of selling our home (I know, winter is the worst time ever to sell), and unpacking and getting settled in, I could honestly care less. Being able to see my husband at the end of the day makes my heart feel so warm! We have a lot left to unpack but I am excited to be able to finish Baby’s nursery so we can show it off!

image  image  image

2. There is a huge possibility that two of my cousins will be going to school here, next year and the year after that – yaay! That means more family visits, and Baby H will be able to have two of his cousins close by!

3. My family threw me a beautiful baby shower! It was perfect and I loved the chance to see all of my close lady family members and friends one last time before I had to leave for good. We received so many sweet cards and gifts, and my wonderful cousin made the cutest decorations that are going to be reused in Baby H’s nursery! I was the typical hormonal pregnant lady and cried opening every gift – can you blame me though? When your Oma custom makes you a stroller blanket, a friend hand knits you a baby blanket and you get a onesie that everyone has signed with their love and well wishes, would you really be able to stay dry-eyed? If so, kudos to you, but I’m a sucker for hand made gifts, and everything baby is so adorable! (Some of the ladies at the shower, a few decorations, the cake, cake table, blindfolded diaper shower game, and my baby shower outfit)

IMG_2604  IMG_2603  IMG_2599  IMG_2597  IMG_2590

4. I turned 25 (and 30 weeks) on November 11th! My family all got dressed up and took me out to one of my favorite restaurants where as a birthday treat they give you a cotton candy “cake”. Did you hear that? Cotton Candy. Yes, it was fresh spun in the back of the restaurant and I ate the whole thing (with a little help from my dad and husband). It’s hard to believe that in the next 8 weeks, I’m going to become a mom. I am excited, scared, nervous and overwhelmed but I know this is going to be the journey of a lifetime and I can’t wait to experience it with my husband and son.

IMG_2648IMG_2649IMG_2655 IMG_2656

5. I accepted a temporary seasonal job. I was going crazy after a week of not “working” in the traditional sense, so I applied to several retail stores and accepted the one with the cutest baby clothes (yaay for discounts!). It’s a little embarrassing to admit that, and this little man already has a full wardrobe until he’s a year old, but I can’t help myself around baby things! SO far, the job is going well and is keeping me busy enough. I haven’t worked retail since I left my job in January, and I can definitely tell it’s going to be more tiring than it used to be, but I’m grateful to have a chance to earn a little income and get out of the house.

6. I have turned into a crazy nesting lady! Yes, I consider this a good thing because I have wanted to learn how to crochet for forever, and am just now finally getting started on teaching myself, along with tackling several sewing and quilting projects that I’ve been meaning to accomplish for a while. Let’s just say, a lot of ladies in the family are going to get a handmade cozy something for Christmas 🙂 Our living room is covered in skeins of chunky yarn, much to my husband’s dismay and our cat’s delight, but I am loving it! I think I’ve pretty much mastered a basic stitch, so my next project is going to be a baby hat and a baby cocoon that a friend from my birth month board shared with me.

7. I was featured on Babble again! This time it was a writeup on The Best Maternity Style On Instagram by Yanira Gaza. She is pregnant herself, and I love her maternity style, so it was an honor to be spoken about in the same category as herself and the ten other “Momma-to-be”s!


8. My husband and I took our maternity photos! My friend Victoria, an incredibly talented photographer and owner of Victoria Greener Photography, and I have been in talks to take our pictures for what feels like forever. Once Zach and I decided to make the move to Idaho, I was so excited to be closer to Victoria so she could work her magic for us. We spent a few hours surrounded by the beauty of Idaho documenting this growing bump in the very chilly November evening, but it was so worth it! She has sent me two sneak peaks so far, and I am dying over them! I will wait to share them with you until we get the pictures back and I get her permission, but from what I’ve seen so far, it is going to be impossible to choose favorites! If you are in the Washington / Oregon / Idaho area and need photos done, please check her out!

Coming up: A few DIYs, hopefully some house proud moments, lots of Maternity Style, and some beautiful Maternity Pictures!


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