Halloween & The Bump

Although Halloween didn’t start off too yummy – I had my pregnancy related, 1 hour fasting glucose testing early in the morning, not pleasant, it ended up being a great day! I kept hearing about how gross the drink was for the test, but I honestly didn’t think the taste was that bad, it was more the thick consistency of the liquid that got to me. Thank goodness my OB’s office gave it to me to take home so I could throw it in the refrigerator and freezer before having to drink it. My fingers are crossed that I pass, although with my food aversions, nausea and morning sickness lately, I would be really surprised if I did. If I don’t pass then I have to take the 3 hour fasting test at my new OBs office, but I’ll cross that bridge if I get to it. Baby H has been moving and hiccuping so much lately, and he will be here sooner than I know, so I want to try to take these last 11 weeks of my pregnancy day by day and try to enjoy them as much as possible!



Last night I went over to my aunt Patty and uncle Jeff’s house to help hand out candy (although, I’m pretty sure I ate more than I handed out, whoops!) and spend some time together. My aunt and uncle have been like pseudo parents while Zach and I have been here in Washington, always having us over for dinners, checking in with us to make sure things are going okay, and letting us borrow their tools for any little project we may have. My wonderful uncle even came over the other day to help us hang up storm windows and blow out our sprinkler system!


My “costume” for the night! I wasn’t feeling very creative, but I still think it turned out pretty cute, plus it feels like I’m smuggling a pumpkin in there anyways lately 🙂

Cardigan: Motherhood Maternity / Tank: Nordstrom (here) / Leggings: Motherhood Maternity (here) / Shoes: DSW

I had a great time with Jeff and Patty and their daughter Sophie. Patty is an amazing cook and always spoils me with delicious dinners when I come over, and I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I walked through the front door and smelled dinner cooking. We talked for hours about everything, greeted trick or treaters, watched the Washington vs Arizona football game, and made up games with candy – it felt so comfortable and homey. I also got to hear stories about Jeff and Patty’s son and daughter, and I love that being pregnant brings that out. I listened to retellings of favorite Halloweens of past and favorite costumes of their son and daughter, and it brought back so many memories of me of trick or treating with my family when I was little.

I remember how I would spend all year planning my costume and when the day finally came, my mom and dad would take my brother and I around the neighborhood collecting treats. Where I grew up, Halloween was a huge event all around the community. While there were several haunted houses, one in particular drew crowds from all over with how elaborate the set up was. There were some years where the line wrapped around the block, but people were willing to wait an hour or more in line because it was worth it! We also had a huge bonfire at the local community center where everyone gathered towards the end of the evening, and warm apple cider, hot cocoa and donuts were served. Halloween wasn’t just about getting candy, it was about the experience and seeing all your friends out and about. I hope Zach and I can instill that feeling in our son, to enjoy dressing up and spending extra time with his friends and Zach and I. And I hope he has as fond memories of trick or treating as I do.

Little Shannon & Little Zach

Little Shannon & Little Zach


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