God Knows We’re Worth It // Two Year Anniversary


April twenty-first, two thousand twelve – it’s been two years?! That’s it?! Time waits for no man, certainly not us!
Today is mine and Zach’s two year anniversary. So much has happened in two short years of marriage: we’ve had 8 jobs between the two of us, moved away and into a tiny shoebox of an apartment, bought a house and fixed it up, then sold said house and moved back, had an incredibly handsome son, and made a ton of memories.

Eventhough most everyone knows our story, I thought I’d share it here again.

// We met in February of 2010 at a job interview. Zach was managing a clothing store in Boise where I came in to snag a spot as a retail associate. He was kind of a jerk during the interview, but he was so good looking I didn’t even care. I had a pretty unforgettable Q&A – when he asked me what my greatest accomplishment was I didn’t even skip a beat and replied “potty training” and left it at that. He and the other manager who were interviewing me were silent for a minute and then cracked up, and proclaimed that I was the best interviewee they had ever come across. Yeah, I’m super witty and awesome, and I’m pretty sure that’s the moment Zach knew he was in for some kind of crazy adventure with me.

// Zach proposed in a pretty amazing way, and I never get tired of telling the story:
A few weeks before Zach popped the question, we went to drinks with Zach’s brother and sister in law at Legends, a bar by the movie theatre in Boise. There, we had a fantastic Bloody Mary (seriously though, if you’re a fan of them, you have to go to Legends for one – yum) and made plans that next day to return before Zach left for Spokane, WA to get drinks.
About a week later, Zach and I went to a late movie at the aforementioned theatre and afterwards saw a Photobooth in the lobby where Zach insisted on taking pictures. Being the wonderful, accommodating person I am, I agreed and we took a row of pictures.

185753_10150102187060959_3198648_n Then, on March 6th, Zachary picked me up after work and headed over to Legends like we had previously decided upon. However, on the walk over to Legends, Zach suggested that we go take pictures in the Photobooth to commemorate his last month in town. Although I put up a fight, I eventually gave in after a few “pretty please’s” from Zach. He handed me a wrinkly $5 bill and told me to choose the film strip theme (there are usually black and white, color, and then a few cartoonish ones). I chose black and white because it was the same as the last set we had taken. I started taking off my glasses but Zach stopped me, and insisted that I needed to wear them for the pictures, so I left them on and we took a seat next to each other on the Photobooth bench. The screen counted down 3… 2… and then all of a sudden Zach was down on his knee, holding out a beautiful ring, saying “Shannon…” and that’s where I pretty much “blacked out” and started crying and nodding my head. Neither of us can remember exactly what was said, but we’re pretty sure there was something about how much Zach loves me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

190411_10150106455000959_3928319_n After Zach let me cry (the good kind) for a while in the Photobooth, he helped wipe away my tears and we drove onto my parents house where we had a standing tradition of Sunday night dinners. Zach’s mother joined us and we began all the phone calls to family members and, of course, most importantly, made it Facebook official :)

// The actual wedding was crazy, so many things went wrong and went missing, but at the end of the day, I didn’t care, and Zach and the guests were unaware of anything going awry. Because of how Zach proposed, we of course had a Photo Booth at the wedding (and have terrific black mail material thanks to an open bar), and it was easily the best money we spent. (More photos here on my Facebook page: wedding // Photo Booth)

// We took a “mini-moon” to the Oregon Coast and Seattle, all secretly planned by Zach, and it was so much fun! We had a rented beach house to ourselves, and just walked and drove all around the coast, still not believing that the year and a half of planning was all over and we were really married.

Happiest of Anniversaries to my wonderful, hot, DILF of a husband! Our first year was filled with trials and tribulations so this second year was a nice break, full of love and laughter and the exciting news of my pregnancy. We have been through so much together already, and I can’t wait to see where the next 75 plus years takes us. I am a lucky wifey!

12 weeks and counting!


This sweet boy is the light of my life! So much has been going on in our little family’s life lately, that I hardly feel as though I have time to document and jot everything down. I love watching H play, and watching the little wheels turn inside his brain. I wish I could see life from his perspective sometimes, maybe then I would understand his fascination with fans and lights, and I’d love to know what he sees when he looks at his daddy and myself.

He is really starting to reach for things, and while he’s still working on perfecting the action of opening and closing his fists, he has managed to grasp onto his play mat rings! He also is still talking up a storm, and is starting to have more inflection to his coos. He still hates tummy time with a passion, but is getting better about not crying the second we put him on his belly. Now, he’ll usually wriggle his legs around a little and try to push his arms up for a minute before he gets upset :) . His fist is super captivating, and he has been sucking on his whole hand lately. He is still trying to manage to fit just his thumb in his mouth, but (as you can kind of see in his 12 week picture above) he keeps getting it stuck behind his pointer finger. It’s actually pretty cute, because it always looks like he’s trying to steal your nose ;). Daytime napping is still a little rough, but we’re still figuring things out, and if I put him in my Solly Wrap or the Ergo, he’ll pass right out. We also transitioned him into his nursery last week, and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done for his sleep: he’s now giving us between 8-11 hours of sleep straight at night! I don’t know what we’ve done to deserve such a good sleeper, but we are very thankful! Ironically enough, now that he’s sleeping in his own room and for longer periods of time, I seem to be sleeping less – boo.

We have officially started cloth diapering as of Monday, and I’m really excited about it! We have  few different brands and styles so we can test them all out, and I’m still learning a lot about the differences, how to wash, etc, but so far it’s been a pretty easy switch! Not to mention, H looks ridiculously adorable in his little fluffy diaps.

I’ve gotten really serious about working out and getting healthy this week, and have started making weekly and daily goals for myself. Mainly, I’m starting my morning with a green smoothie every day, going out for walks with H as much as possible, and Z and I are having “gym dates” to motivate each other! It’s crazy to think how we used to run 3-5 miles several times a week and now my body feels awkward running half a mile. Getting back to where I was isn’t going to be easy, and I’m trying to remind myself that I wasn’t allowed to workout for 6 months, but I’m not a  very patient person, so I foresee a long road ahead. It’s also really hard to leave H still, so daily neighborhood walks are more apt to happen than going to the gym.

11 weeks


Height: 25 inches long
Weight: about 16 pounds (Mister chunk!)

This has been such a fun past week! My mom and I took H with us on a road trip to visit our family in Washington in order to introduce him to everyone. Twice a year, some of the women from my paternal side of the family get together for a weekend full of crafting, cooking and catching up and this past weekend was one of those times. The last time I saw any of the Girl’s Weekend ladies was at my baby shower when I was 30 weeks pregnant (about 4.5 months ago), and only a few of them have gotten to meet baby H so far. We took the long way and stopped at a few places on our drive so we could get out and stretch our legs (and I can never resist a photo op!), so the drive took a little longer than normal, but H was amazing and slept and babbled most of the way.

Photos from the drive:

He is “talking” and smiling up a storm lately! My heart is so full when he talks back to me and smiles and moves his crazy arms around. All the ladies up at the weekend were very impressed with how laid back and smiley he was. It was our first real trip away from Zach, so thank goodness for our iPhones! H and I were able to FaceTime with Z every morning and every night so he wouldn’t miss us too much ;).

The best part about GW, hands down was the surprise quilt blocks that all the ladies made for a baby quilt for H! You may remember they did the same thing for Z and I before we got married, and the resulting quilt goes with us everywhere, so I am so, so very excited to pick a few fabrics for the sashing between the blocks, border, and backing and put it all together! H is so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people who love him (and his parents) so very much (and who we love right back!). We also got to go visit the family I used to nanny for while we were living in Spokane. Holy cow, their son has grown up so much in the 5 months since I was here last! He doesn’t look like this little infant anymore, he is walking and playing and has shot up like a weed, like a big kid! Although he was understandably a little shy, I did get to hear him talk and my goodness, he has such a sweet little voice, and he walked under my legs when I offered him a bridge to go through and was throwing one of his balls my way :). I know he may not remember me fully, but he seemed like he may have known I wasn’t a total stranger, so I’m chalking it up as a win! It was wonderful to see them and give quick hugs and catch up on each other’s lives. I am still so grateful for the time I spent with the D family and I learned so much there in that year that I am able to now use as a new mommy!

Along with Girl’s Weekend, there were many trips to Target, walks outside, and another quick trip to snowy McCall. I use the Solly Baby Wrap to carry H in all the time, but I finally bit the bullet this weekend and purchased an Ergo at Target to use for hiking this summer and beyond. (Target has a super awesome deal on the Ergobaby carriers that I learned about from Raining Hot Coupons here)

H is 10 weeks!

IMG_5675((Shirt: Little Adi Co // Leggings: Sly Fox Threads // Moccasins: Three Lil Bears Closet))

Two and a half months have passed since we brought home our little dude. I know I’m sounding like a broken record here, but holy cow, time is flying by.

We are currently deep in the midst of the Mental leap 2 – Wonder Week 8: The world of patterns, and it’s a doozy. I had no idea what was going on with our normally super chill baby, until one of my mommy friends told me about The Wonder Weeks website and corresponding book and app. While it is so much fun to watch him discover his hands and giggle at the shadows on the walls, he has wanted to nurse constantly, very much dislikes being put down and wants to be held (especially for naps), and is crying more often. Even with the extra neediness, I am still amazed at how easy it is to calm him down: all it takes is a little rocking or swaying, nursing, or music and he is instantly better and stops crying. The Wonder Weeks go by gestational age, (and is therefore calculated by due date, not birthdate), so since H arrived a week early he is considered 9 weeks with about 4 more days to go until the leap is over. If you are pregnant, have a newborn or an infant, knowing about these mental leaps and what to expect is such a lifesaver!

A little recap on weeks 8-10:

-H is holding his head up so well! He loves standing when Z and I hold his hands, and I swear he dances when I put music on and help him stand (let’s hope he gets my sense of rhythm, and not his dad’s dance moves ;)). He turns towards my voice when I talk, and smiles when I call him my “sweet boy” (which I totally plan on telling his future girlfriends, you’re welcome 18 year old H).

-We took H to the golf course and played 9 holes with my parents. The weather was perfect to spend a day outside, and not surprisingly, H slept the entire time.

-We’re still trying to go on walks as much as possible now that the weather has gotten better, not to mention if H is fussy at all, or having troubles going down for a nap, all I have to do is throw him in the car seat (figuratively of course), snap him into the stroller and start moving. He’s a pretty predictable dude, and walking around the neighborhood not only gets me out of the house and exercising, but it also puts him right to sleep!

-He is coo-ing up a storm! He loves talking to everything – his reflection in the mirror, mama in the mornings, his animal toys, daddy when he gets home from work. Mom truth: I totally cried a few days ago when H and I had a full on conversation. He would babble, I would respond, he would smile and babble back – it went on like that for a few minutes and I was just so happy and so amazed, I couldn’t help myself.

-I left H for the first time since we brought him home from the hospital. It was hard, and I thought about him for the entire time I was at the gym, but I did it. I don’t know why it was so difficult: he was with Zach, they had plenty of milk in case he got hungry, he was in a good mood and didn’t cry when I left, but it was. All I could think about was how I felt kind of selfish and vain for taking time away to work on bettering myself. I’m trying to remind myself that H needs a fit momma so she can run around after him all day, and that a fit momma is a happy momma, but so far that hasn’t been helping.


-H has started going to the chiropractor! I swear I’m not a super crunchy mom, but he has this huge noggin (hello 100th percentile), and a preference to lay his head on his left side so I want to make sure his neck and bones all develop and grow as they are supposed to. Plus, since we started going he’s been sleeping 7+ hours, so whatever works!

-H had an insanely huge blowout (TMI? Sorry!) in the Whole Foods parking lot. Now I understand why you’re supposed to bring an extra outfit with you in your diaper bag. Thank goodness I had a spare one in the trunk of my car and a new bag of wipes, of which I had to use about half of them to clean him up – literally up to his neck in s*!t… so gross.

-We went to my parents cabin in Mccall (which is coincidentally where Zach and I officially started dating) and walked H all around town.

-We celebrated my mom’s (H’s Grammy) birthday!

-H has set a new bedtime for himself! Where we used to start the routine at about 9 and he’d be asleep by 10:30, he now gets super tired around 7, and is in bed by 8:30.

-H is still a super happy and smiley guy. Every day I feel so blessed to have this sweet little boy as my own!

Newborn Photo Shoot w// Laken Fulton

Two months ago, the wonderful Laken, of Laken Fulton Photography, had us over to her studio to take pictures of our sweet little boy. Scheduling was a little crazy, as he came a week earlier than anticipated and we thought we had a little more time (slash I’m infamous for procrastinating and was still trying to convince Zach to do a newborn shoot). We just squeezed in though, at 10 days new, so he was still pretty furry and sleepy. I probably look at these pictures daily, and still can’t believe he was ever that small. At 9 weeks, its pretty cool to see how much he has grown and changed, and how huge has has gotten!

Harrison was amazing and slept during the entire 3.5 hours we were there! He let Laken put him in whatever positions she wanted, was asleep 99% of the time and only fussed twice (which nursing cured immediately!). We got so many great shots of our little man and of the three of us. I know that I probably won’t be in another picture with my two dudes for a while, seeing as how I’m the main picture taker of the family, so these should help tide me over for a while.

Once again, we brought with us a few personal items: the Mid-Century Modern baby quilt my mother made for us a week after we told her I was pregnant (which we also used in our Maternity Shoot), and my favorite VonBon Gray Antler knotted baby hat. We had a few of our favorites blown up and professionally printed through Laken and I can’t wait to finish our bedroom to show off how beautiful they look on our walls! I am a firm believer in documenting life. To me, it’s an investment, as I look at the pictures we have had taken of our family all the time. I used to try to go the cheapest route for photo shoots, but regret it as soon as we get the pictures back – in my experience, there is a reason photographers charge what they do, they are a home run business, and their work expands far beyond clicking a button on a camera and putting the pictures on a disk. The pictures we have had taken to document my pregnancy have been wonderful, and it’s because I did my research and found three great photographers, Natalie (in Washington), Victoria and Laken.

If you’re in the Boise area and looking for a newborn or baby photographer, check her out!
Laken Fulton Photography: Facebook // Website

Without further ado, please drool over our adorably sweet Harrison:

Two months!


We have officially kept a baby alive for two whole months!

Harrison turned two months on March 14, and I am having a hard time with how fast time is passing.

Weight: 14.5 pounds,  (up from 11lbs at 1 month, 9lbs at 2 weeks and 8lbs 13oz at birth)
Height: 24.5in,  (up from 20.5in at birth)
Head: 16cm (up from 16cm at 1 month and 15cm at birth)

Health: This has been a rough time for the little dude. Z got sick, then I got sick and sicker and H ended up catching the virus as well. I knew right away that something was awry when he only slept for 5 hours and woke up screaming. I nursed and cradled and rocked and walked H all around and nothing helped, and he also started crying. My normally easy-going baby is not a cryer at all, he mostly complains by half-crying if he’s hungry or tired, and that’s it, so when he started crying for real, that was clue #2 that something was up. We took his temperature and it was really high, so we called his pediatricians office and they directed us to the Emergency Room. Once we got there, they confirmed what I was thinking – he had an ear infection and probably had caught the virus I had. I cried in the ER because I felt like the worst mom ever and he was just so miserable. His eyes were puffy and red because he wasn’t sleeping well and he was so sweaty and would just look at me with his big blue eyes despondently. He also had 5 vaccinations at his 2 month wellness checkup and he was not having a good time. I cried in the doctors office and when we got home later that day, because H’s cries turned from sad and sleepy whimpers to deathly screams. It is really really hard to see and hear that your little one is in pain. It’s not fair; they’re these tiny little pure beings and they have no way to tell you what’s wrong, and all I want to do is fix it so he never has to feel pain. Now I can feel empathetic to my parents having to sit up with me all night when I was little in a steamy bathroom because I was having an asthma attack or crying in pain because of my chronic ear infections.

Eating: See weight above. Yeah, he’s an eater. This last week he has moved from eating about every 1.5 hours to every 2 to 2.5 hours, but he seems to be eating more and for longer! Although I’m still trying to conquer breastfeeding and get more comfortable with it, I am surprised at how natural it feels for me. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it, or that I would have supply issues, but we haven’t had any problems on either front and actually have a huge stockpile already in the spare freezer. I still hate pumping, I don’t like how uncomfortable it is, but it’s a necessary evil twice a day. I did try to go a few days without pumping, but it wasn’t a good idea, so I figure I can deal with it once in the morning and once in the evening.

Sleep: We seriously lucked out. *knock on wood* H is a wonderful sleeper at night: we typically get at least 6.5 hours and have gotten up to almost 9. During the day, it’s a different story. He is fine as long as he can sleep on me, and he’ll sleep an hour and a half to two hours, but if I try to put him down in his crib or bassinet, we really only get 30 to 45 minutes. I don’t blame him though! I sleep much better if I’m snuggling too.

Sizes: My two month old is fitting into 6 month clothing already – what the heck!? He has just a few 0-3 month items that still fit, but we’re predominantly in 3mo – 6mo. SCARY! His head is humongous and doesn’t fit into any of the adorable 0-3 month VonBon, Little Hip Squeaks, or Gap hats.

Milestones / Firsts: He smiles! He is especially smiley in the mornings, right after nursing, when daddy gets home from work, and when we listen to music. He giggles when he sleeps but giggled for real while awake for the first time yesterday with Grandpa - and I missed it!

Nicknames: Baby, H, buddy, dude

Likes: Showers, mommy, eating, sleeping on mama, dad playing guitar and singing, riding in the car, being worn in the Solly Baby Wrap.

Dislikes: Tummy time, baths, sleeping alone, pacifiers, bottles.

Coming up: Now that his legs have chunked up and he’s 14.5 pounds, we are going to be starting cloth diapering this month – I’m really excited! We have a few pockets, a few All In Ones and a few Flats / Fitteds, so I’ll be interested to see which ones I like the most, and if Z gets over his fear of them and embraces the fluff. H, my mom and I are also going to be driving back to WA in a few weeks to finally see some of my family, it’s time again for one of our semi-annual Girl’s Weekends! The ladies all get together and craft, catch up and drink and just have a wonderful time in general. It’s usually “No Boys Allowed”, but I’m sure they’ll make an exception for H! The weather outlook is seeming better and better every day so pretty soon we’ll hopefully be spending most of our time outdoors and soaking up the warm sun.

H is 8 weeks old!


My sweet boy is almost two months old, what the heck?!
Is life moving too slowly for you? Here’s the solution – have a baby. Seriously.
Each week as he becomes more alert and interactive, I keep thinking “ooh! I like this week even more than the last!” And it’s still true; he is more adorable and lovable every day. Annoying mom moment: I always find myself staring at him, wondering how we got so lucky to have such a beautiful and (for the most part) easy baby boy.

We discovered a new cry this past week, and it’s the worst one yet: the ear infection cry! Let me tell you, watching real tears come out of his big blue eyes has got to be the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with yet. It’s not fair for someone so little and pure to be in pain and not be able to tell me what is happening to him. I can’t wait to start introducing sign language so H will have a means of communicating his needs and feelings with us as he grows older.

Guess who was actually productive this week?! I got dressed EVERY DAY. What? Yeah, this one here. I’m trying this new thing out where I actually act like a real human – a productive member of society, even. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, and jeans are way less comfy to cuddle in, but I’ll give it a little longer and let you know.

We’ve had a few beautiful days finally, and taking a walk in our Britax stroller instantly calms H whenever he gets worked up. The only good thing about daylight savings and it being lighter outside later is that when Z gets home from work, we have enough daylight still to go out as a family.

Because of H and I being sick as dogs, this last week has been relatively uneventful. However, he has been extra cuddly and I’m all about soaking it in before he’s too embarrassed to be seen with me in front of his friends.
He has his two month well-visit on Friday, which means vaccinations, meaning shots, meaning I’ll probably be that mom who will cry more than the baby getting the shots. Don’t worry, I’m packing tissues in the diaper bag.